Theology is for Kids!

When you think of theology, does it conjure up images of thick dusty books filled with words that are hard to understand?  That doesn’t sound like a subject for kids.  But theology is not that complicated when you break it down. Theology is comprised of two Greek words, theos which means “God” and logos which means “a word about.”   When you put them together, you get “a word about God” or “the study of God.”

I’ve not met a Christian parent yet that didn’t want their son or daughter to learn more about God.  The problem is that parents just don’t know where to start. How do I teach my children incomprehensible truths about God when they have trouble comprehending the words, “clean your room?”

We look on the side table next to the couch at the two-inch-thick study Bible and don’t have any idea where to begin. Mom’s and Dad’s are intimidated and simply don’t know where to begin. Then the busyness of life comes plowing into our day like a free running linebacker after the quarterback, and we’ve got to scramble. What is the first thing to drop? - family devotions.

We’ve designed this website to provide busy parents with reviews on awesome Christian books for their families. Need a birthday present for your son or daughter? Take a look through the books we recommend knowing that every book listed is solid truth, easy to use, and worth every last penny of your purchase.

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